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LunaNiña of Unconscious Mutterings posts ten words each week for us to free associate. Who hasn't watched them do it on TV or done it at home clowning around. That is all there is to the meme, but somedays it can be quite revealing, and it is always fun. You should click on the link and play along each week.

Now, I can't just leave it at that. I use the 20 words in their given order and attempt to write a poem. Afterall, exercising the brain is good for us.

  1. Partner :: Leon
  2. News :: paper
  3. Foam :: rubber
  4. Paycheck :: spent
  5. Me :: too
  6. Eight :: is enough
  7. Dairy :: products
  8. Exciting :: life
  9. Hockey :: puck
  10. Socialite :: rules

Oh, I don't love my answers this week. I try to play fairly and really use the first thought and not the second or third. . . but combinations like this, well, they didn't feel conducive to a poem, but, hey, I tried. Remember unless I state otherwise all my poems are just drafts - as they came out.

This week's attempt:

Opportunity Knocks

He was my partner in crime,
this Leon man. Made news
when he found paper
stuffed with foam rubber
(the day after
his paycheck was spent)

and turned it into
an empire.

He included me, too,
in his get rich scheme
told me "Eight is enough"
would be a company that would
outsell dairy products,
that ours would be an exciting life
as we marketed paper pillows
and a papier-mâché hockey puck
to the rich by night.

We traversed society and
I could act the Socialite,
while playing by my own rules.
Eight was enough to charge
for our brilliance,
eight hundred for eight,
that is.


Yeah, I've lost it. And if you want others to think you have lost it, copy this, but then you will have lost it completely, financially - since they are my words and not yours.


Hale McKay said...

Thank you for your visit and comments at my site. After scrolling through your site - I am impressed. I am going to add you my blogroll to make certain that i find my way here again.

I can see that you are quite involved with several blogs. Also I have noticed your affinity to words and wordplay.

I belong to a team blog dedicated to words and their usage. THere are two of us currently posting there and we are always open to having new members. No one has approached us so far to join, but we have accepted (and solicited)guest posts on several occasions.

I know you are pretty stretched out, but please check us out and perhaps making a guest posting - once, occasionally or often. Every guest is linked in the post and placed permanently on two sidebar elements.

The name of the site is Verbicidal Tendencies. Thank you.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Hal McKay - I have to say I checked out your site, I love it. Some clever stuff. Thanks for the kind remarks.

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