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LunaNiña of Unconscious Mutterings, posts ten words each week for us to free associate. It is a quick and sometimes surprising exercise. It is also a fun one. Why not play along next time? Just click on link above! Her words on left, my responses on right.

  1. Voices :: in my head
  2. Have to :: go
  3. Machine :: ready
  4. Seventh grade :: English
  5. Beach :: ball
  6. Roommate :: sucks
  7. Cyclone :: hit
  8. Theater :: actor
  9. Pregnant :: pause
  10. Phoebe :: sings

I cannot just stop with her meme. I love to exercise my brain, so each week I write either a short story or poem with the words, attempting to keep them in the order given in the meme. Yet, I still want to make some sense out of them. . . My result this week:

Oh, to sleep...

Voices in my head
speak softly of
all I have to do --

before I go to sleep
they refuse to turn off
like a machine spinning in place
ready to take off at the touch
of a button

that never comes.

Seventh grade English,
romping on hot sand barefoot
to catch a beach ball thrown
by a roommate (for life),
moments when life just sucks
as if a cyclone hit land
and jerked trees and smashed bananas
and spit it out in my face,
theater, watching an actor
squirm from a pregnant pause that seemed
to go on past its due date,
my expertise at vocals (and sometimes words) --
comparable only to
to Phoebe as she sings
words and tones no one wants to hear
in the coffeehouse...

Someone, please push the button!


Please, do not copy my crazy words,they also contain words from Lunaniña's meme, used with permission. Please do not copy hers except as part of her meme without her permission. Thank you.


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Is Love Inevitable? We"ll know when its finished:

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