Poem - Surely, Where are you?

It is beautiful, isn't it!

This is a partial view of the 48 squares knitted or crocheted by 48 different human beings that was then labored over for hours by another human being(s), crocheting them together as one stained glass effect afghan for the Share A Square Project.

It is one of 140 afghans needed so each of the children who will attend Camp Sanguinity next summer can wrap themselves in our love and their own well-honed imagination.

Surely, Where are you?

Surely, you have a maiden aunt
or a boss that knits behind a rant?

Surely, your instincts are like radar
to detect a crocheter from afar?

Surely, someone owes you a favor
that knows a talented crocheting raver?

Surely, the young poet next door
would rather knit than clean a floor?

Surely, you know someone that rocks
to crochet a square smaller than infant frocks?

Surely, you know someone who knows someone
who will say "No problem, I'll get it done today, hon!"


OK, enough, I felt driven to write ridiculous poetry to get your attention! Then just before posting it, I realized I had a better way to get your attention -- a simple photo of how beautiful the afghans are turning out! And, Shelly Kneupper Tucker gave me permission to use this photo. Unfortunately for you, the poem was written!

If you know ANYONE who can knit or crochet the tiniest bit, please, steer them toward Shelly at ThisEclecticLife.com. Encourage them to knit or crochet just one or two squares, tag it (with their name, town and state) -- and send them off to little old Denton, TX.

You see there, they will be joined together, to make a gorgeous afghan like this 1 of the 140 destined for the kids at Camp Sangunity. I'll leave the details for Shelly to tell, but you all do know how small 6 inches really is, right? So, it won't take long to make it. And her address is so easy, no long drawn out names of streets you cannot even pronounce -- just a simple PO BOX. . .

The idea is to have the afghan made by a minimum of 49 different people, 48 making squares plus the 1 or 2 workhorse human beings that then crochets them all together.

We can make a difference in a big way by doing a small tiny something. And it can be as tiny as finding the Surely persons!

If you are saying, "So what, what difference will an afghan make?" -- perhaps this list of 17 things to do with an afghan will explain it. Feel free to share it with others.


Rose said...

It really is beautiful and what Shelly is doing is amazing. I applaud all those involved.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Rose, thank you for commenting on it. I have to be honest, I was never a fan of crocheted granny squares, the few I saw were one color, but the many colors are striking.

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