3WW - Tourist Trap

Gray -- Fathom -- Memphis

Those words were thrust at us by Bone to show our creativity with for his meme, 3 Word Wednesday. A simple mission? Perhaps not this time. Check out the rules and the links to other creative writers who took on the challenge, including Bone.

Tourist Trap

No Graceland pomposity for us,
we explored dreary
of another kind
wandering just another
in Memphis.

I could not fathom
Beale Street's allure
until magic enveloped
as he pushed open a door
into history
and replaced the gray
of a mundane march
along cracked sidewalks
the blues of B.B.King's.

A new color wangled its way into
my heart that night
squeezing between
pounding beats of Rock
dum dum tek-a-tek of Mid-Eastern
to connect heart with soul.


Check out, "The story of Beale St" -- as told by Rufus Thomas.

Your brain can come up with your own word combinations, please, do not copy mine.

Note: please let me know if the picture is in the header or not, it keeps coming and going, and without it the blog title is hidden from view -- as is the evidence of my age as it is my graying hair in the photo....


Gay said...

No photo, sorry.

I also had a tough time finding this today. The link you published with Bone didn't work... had to click on your name, then click on the MeeAugraphie blog to get here and not copy/paste the permalink code you typed.

LOVE this one, and the different view of Memphis. B.B. King, indeed. Love it. Eric Clapton and "Riding with the King"... Clapton's finest (my opinion), for a reason, I think.

Clare said...

I love B.B. King's music too!! You created a wonderful mood and atmosphere in your poem. And I love the line "a new color wangled its way into my heart that night...".

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Gay - thank you for trying so hard! I have to listen to Clapton now, after I learn to make those short click links.

lissa said...

It's like a song - I enjoy reading it.

BTW - I cannot see the header graphic/image

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Clare - It was a wonderful night years ago, I remember it often. I'm happy you like that line.

Lissa - Glad you enjoyed it.

Thank y'all (all) for commenting.

paisley said...

that was really good.. i have always wanted to go to memphis... i don't know if i will but you have me wanting to go again....

Rose Dewy Knickers said...

Morning Marcia,

It's gray, cloudy and heavy cool rain. I bet you'd like it here today. :)



Bone said...

I love the poem, Marcia. And I love the blues in Memphis.

(I don't see the picture in the header, either.)

TC said...

No pic :(

A new color wangled its way into
my heart that night

I loved that line, how you worked color and music together.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Paisley, Oops, didn't mean to get you wanting to go again, we will blame it on Bone, he chose the word Memphis.

Rose Dewey Knickers - That is the only time to be in Florida.

Bone - I'm glad I wrote something you love.

TC - That line was fun for me, I'm glad you liked it.

Thank y'all for commenting!

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