3. Empathy, Come!

Empathy, Come!

I found
my way home:
carved path through brambles
uncluttered by potholes and traps.

I found
my heart's path:
routed through land mines of false words.

I set
my life's goal:
evoke emotions
and give you permission to feel.

I knew
why that goal:
once you feel your pain
understanding others' begins.



These words are mine.
Please, do not use them without my permission.
You are welcome, however, to link back to them.


Brian said...

Glad I stopped back before logging off.

You really do like fibs! But, you do them so well. These trace the emotional path beautifully. :)

Marcia said...

Brian - it was only meant to be the first one, but I could not stop myself. They usually almost pop out, but I had to work at the last couple to get what I wanted. I love NaPoWriMo: any excuse to write. Thank you, Brian.

Chris said...

Marcia my writer friend. I always enjoy your poetry. You have a talent to say a lot in few words---something I know you've worked hard on :)) Whether it is a lot of words or a few words doesn't matter. The words you use are the best words and send a meaning to the reader.

Marcia said...

Chris - I have to laugh, as you were posting your comment on how hard I had worked at fewer words, I was posting a wordy, off-the-wall, more-is-less poem. We knew it would sneak back in. LOL. Thank you for commenting, before my downward slide.

Quietpaths said...

I like this poem; it strikes me visually and also the content. Very nice and thank you for sharing your work.

Marcia said...

Quietpaths - I was unsure about leaving it left justified or centering each one, glad now, I centered it. Thank you for commenting.

aquamarine said...

I really enjoyed this poem. Beautiful imagery and flow! You have quite a way with fibs! ;)


Marcia said...

Aquamarine - This fib was on a subject I love to write about. Thank your for commenting on it.

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