Spring/Fall Sounds - Springtime Above the Track

One Deep Breath prompt for week: Spring/Fall Sounds

Springtime Above the Track

Deep throated engines
dulled by stately conifers,
backdrop for birdsong



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Remiman said...

A world without trees would be miserable ...for me.
The perspective drawn by the clouds is spellbinding.

Jone said...

I have heard and seen this morning.Lovely haiku to go with the photo.

Crafty Green Poet said...

have to be glad the trees deaden traffic noise for the birds....

Marcia said...

Reniman - I agree, trees draw me in! Can't take credit for the photo other than pointing and hoping. Guess I hope well. Taken in the foothills of the Cascades.

Jone - Heard and seen is a good thing!

Craft Green Poet - I am glad the noise is deadened for the birds, although I love the drone, it is from a race track at the bottom of the hill.

Thank y'all for taking the time to read and comment on my Haiku.

Regina Clare Jane said...

What a beautiful haiku for trees! They do so much for us, from blocking out noise to providing pretty songs!
Just brilliant...

Marcia said...

Regina Clare Jean - I almost hate to tell you that it was the drone that brought this Haiku for me -- and not the trees -- although the trees became the focus. Thank you for reading and commenting today.

Brian said...

Logging in the springtime. What a contrast you have created.

Sandy said...

I think wildlife adapts. The largest jetport in Maine is close. We have aircraft overhead all day. Life goes on. I did see a deer look up the other day, as a low plane came over. Mostly, the birds and animals ignore the noise.

Great line about birdsong.

Marcia said...

Brian, it could be logging, but it was the race track. I love that it said logging to you -- I live in the Pacific Northwest. Thank you for commenting.

Marcia said...

Sandy - I wonder if for the most part it is now like white noise to them. Birdsong line surprised me, a bit, I write more about emotions, I think, than nature. Thank you for commenting.

Neasa said...

Thank goodness for the trees, huh? Nice haiku & image.

Marcia said...

Neasa - I agree, trees are a wonderful thing, I am grateful to have. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

Pearl said...

That's a nice way of looking at it. The human noise pollution as a canvas for nature not an obstruction, a cocreator, co-evolver of birdsong.

Marcia said...

Pearl - I think you were writing a poem in your head as you commented, I could see one there! Thank you for commenting.

Unfolding Rose said...

for me, this evokes that new quality of sound that accompanies spring. maybe it's because we spend more time outside, or with the windows open, and hear more of the "layers" of sound. i like the fact that the birdsong is still the top layer

thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment

Marcia said...

Unfolding Rose - Opening windows often is one reason I love WA so much, in FL it was just too hot, here, even on many winter days, I can still open a window a bit to hear the "layers" of sounds. Thank you for commenting today.

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