4. Memory

What makes me stay awake
now that we are only two?

Why made me fall asleep at eight
when we were three, then four?

Memory used to mean only thoughts I had
or else it meant thoughts
I wished I had not.
Memory was selective,

except when it was not.

He did that and I, of course,
did this
(and better or worse
for richer or poorer)
it was I who remembered best
(Well, I was the memory controller.)

Memory means now I must buy more
and he must put it in
(not there) and I say no,
not like that, confident in my position

of authority as the observer, I am
the one who gives directions to he who
makes the best of trial and error
(or I was nagging, he would say)

(if he did not say worse, in error, I would say)

The deed was done, the new route taken
for it is never one thing that Murphy allows,
again I stood and supervised
although I had been advised to leave

the heck

(No, not in words, but in that look,
the one long term couples have (no not that long term,
its not a prison.)


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Brian said...

As a 20 year veteran of marriage, this makes me laugh. I well know the look, and the memory... selective memory that is. :)

Shelly Kneupper Tucker said...

Wonderful...I totally relate!

Marcia said...

Brian - Shelley Kneupper Tucker -
This was thrown on computer just after midnight, eyes glazed, mind wired, after said router and memory was installed earlier with Murphy's Law coming into play.

But what would a couple be without a few exchanges? (I love my new faster router and memory!) Thank you both for reading and relating.

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