Poetry Thursday - Sunrise, Come!


weighted clouds of gray
held jagged peaks together
cradling morning light


morning light, escape
to rise between jagged peaks,
blow dark clouds away


mountains part in wait
clouds don white reflective robes
sun's ascension comes


now for the letter to "a poet"
Y'all (as in Poetry Thursday Participants)


Oh Poet, m'am -- or sir -- or worse:
don't mind me, I know not what I durst

but know I must indulge my need to say
words that mean so much today.

I used to rhyme like some of you
but now I don't, like you, and you.

(I hope you read punctuation there,
for don't like would be rude without it.)

I must declare I read few poems
for I knew not where to look
for those
which called my name
(with enough conviction I couldn't overlook

the words forming images on the page)
I ask only that I now be allowed
to read
the words of
who sit or stand present
(and a few who may have stayed away
and refused to be pulled into the fray
in which words are thrown out
(in cyberspace) --

the words
I sought have spewed forth from y'all
and I promise to read until I drop
my cup of tea or the croissant in my lap
for there are so many of you now (where were
you all before in my days past?) and reading
takes sustenance and sleep and glasses
that are the right strength (call the optometrist, quick!)

And for your indulgence I leave you this:

Roses are red
violets are blue,
I take off my boot
in salute to you!

is done
(and with tongue in cheek)
I'll bid you adieu and go sleep.


(the things sleep deprivation does to the mind. . . aka my normal state)

These words are mine.
Please, do not use them without my permission.
You are welcome, however, to link back to them.


Brian said...

Serious haiku my friend. Very serious.

Your letter made me laugh. Reading too many blog poems can cause fits of giggles and tears.

Remiman said...

You are incredibly delightful to read.
The hailu, each one, capture the essence of dawn on the mountain...superb.

Your poem is a fun and witty missive that lifted up my spirit and gave me a mighty smile.

Marcia said...

Brian and Remiman - I was so trying to be serious with the Haiku, they took a bit of work! Those were done to make up for the poem, it took great bravery to post it, I wasn't sure anyone could overlook the mishmash form to see the humor! LOL
Thank y'all for reading and your mighty smiles and laughs; that made me laugh.

KG said...

Your letter to a poet really made me laugh. I found your word play very fun and loved the stream of (sleep-deprived) consciousness throughout. Very original voice.

Marcia said...

KG - Laughter is good, and to have a bit of my voice heard is exciting. Thank you for commenting today.

Fragmentsinsight said...

Perfect Haiku's. Great joy to read.
The letter, so much fun.
I salute you too.

gautami tripathy said...

Very good haikus. And tongue in cheek letter. I enjoyed both.

Now I can go and sleep well!!

Ode to the Bard

Marcia said...

Fragmentsinsight - My first salute! Thank you for commenting on my poems.

aquamarine said...

Wonderful ku! Your writing really draws my in and gets my mind going. And the letter was delightful! Well done!

Marcia said...

Gautami Tripathy - Thank you for reading them and for your comment. You're lucky that you can go and sleep well!

Marcia said...

Aquamarine - I am so glad my poems got a mind going. Thank you for reading and for commenting on them. Love your screen name.

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