If you aren't participating in Bone's Three Word Wednesday, you may want to start! Long or short, poetry or stories, or just a brilliant sentence is all you need to post -- but then you must use the three words he prompts you with.

This week's words are: filthy - guess - convenience. To find other players or to add your link to the group, click here: 3WW.

Wait! Please, read mine first, before you forget in your excitement to play along! Grin!

Elders aside, Convenience or Wisdom?

We guess at what to do next
when filthy words come out of our child's mouth
convenience says slap,
elders say soap
wisdom says what?



I have no clue where that came from. . . the recesses of my mind, I suppose, but the following is just plain old fact - for me, anyway.


I suppose

is a word
I despise

is a word
I dislike

I guess it is
just the sound of them
but it could be
their definitions

or it could be
their extended realities,

but for the moment
it is inconvenient
to think it all out.

You could do it for me
if it is convenient,

I suppose.


Words make the world go round, but I don't want to have a go around with you, so please, do not copy my words without permission. . . Thank you!


Write From Karen said...

Very nice play on words and meanings. I especially enjoyed the first one - talk about loaded with social implications!

Marcia said...

Write from Karen - Thank you, I did load it up, however unintentional, I suppose. Thanks for commenting.

pia said...

I liked the way the first one moved quickly almost to the words, and your associations with the second

Marcia said...

Pia - I'm happy you notice how quickly it moved. The second one was just my reaction to the words.Thank you for commenting.

Gay said...

The first one is SUPER. Lots of fun.

Judy said...

I enjoyed the use of the words in your poetry. Clear crisp images. Good job.

Marcia said...

Gay - glad it was fun

Judy - clear crisp images don't fall from this more random mind often, glad you saw them.

Thank you both fr commenting.

Clockworkchris said...

I realized one of the things I like best about your blog is the creative way you always remember to tell people not to copy without your permission. It changes on every post it seems. Maybe it really does. That takes some effort I can't afford to put forth. I liked them both -I never think of convenience in any situation being slap, but I don't have kids yet. I often approach people who use innapropriate punishment in public instead of going outside out of site and tell them I work for social services and that another move will land them in jail with no kids. It works suprisingly well and teaches a lesson, but I just like the laugh I get afterwards.

Marcia said...

ClockworkChris - Please, don't misinterpret my words, this was poetry, not condoning slapping, I was using poetic license in saying it was convenient, but some people I have seen over the years have a really hard time trying to talk to children, so in that respect it would be more "convenient". I am glad someone saw my cleverness in the do not copy! But it is partially because I am confused at the correct way to do it and have not checked, lost in poetry, html, CSS, and, of course, conversation. Thank you, Chris.

Bone said...

Very clever, I think. I, too, especially liked the first one. I'd totally forgotten about washing your mouth out with soap :)

Thanks for participating!

Traveling Chica said...

I can't write poetry for anything and really enjoyed yours. The first one was definitely my favorite.

gautami tripathy said...

The first one brought about many layers, different meanings.Though it starts with a child, I find it can be interpreted in other ways too.

Marcia said...

Bone - I had forgotten as well, but saw a reference to it in someone's post recently.

Traveling Chica - The first was the one that came unbidden. I cannot imagine you not writing poetry after reading several of your 3WWs last night.

Gautami Tripathy - I love when we all look at something and bring our own thoughts into them. I need to reread it and see what I can find now that you have found something else.

Thank y'all for reading and commenting.

Anonymous said...

nice job!

Marcia said...

A Tag Along Traveler - thank you.

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