Group Project: Source of Inspiration

As has become the norm, Shelly at This Eclectic Life seems to have an uncanny ability to find interesting bloggers as well as tell great stories. I found Inspiration Bit's group project when Shelly posted her own post for it. Imagine our inspirations turned into an oasis by way of a group project. This is my contribution. (Oops, that is Shelly's word, but it fits. . . )

Inspiration for my writing comes from internal conversation.

When two people speak to one another -- exchange words in the form of thoughts -- they are said to be conversing and it is, for all purposes, an outward conversation that is directed from within by each person. In effect, both parties to the thought exchange are carrying on conversation within themselves which fuels the outer conversations.

Our senses kick start a conversation with ourselves - always. It is how we tune into that conversation that determines if we are inspired enough to bring that conversation out verbally or in writing.

I find it easy to write because I love to talk and I actually enjoy listening. (Notice I did not say to write well or great or fantastic or even horribly.) Basically, I love conversation in any form. I am also helped by being naturally introspective. So, if you speak or write the word mundane or forlorn, internally my mind begins a conversation around that word. If you said mustard or bricks, I would be less apt, unless challenged, because they are not common emotional words for me. But since this is a prompt about something I love, inspiration, while I was writing this I started a conversation unintentionally as soon as I wrote those two words. Basically, I brainstormed. Mustard - family outings, spicy, hot. Immediately I tied them all into emotions, something as basic as getting mustard on a face or a favorite article of clothing could be tied to all kinds of emotional thoughts: always screwing up, not being careful, embarrassment, smiling at mustard on a child's face, a lover wiping the mustard from the edge of her lips, mustard on brand new carpeting when the dog or toddler grabbed it. Mundane became boring: staring at a TV show rather than cleaning house in rebellion, withdrawing from life to stare at the head in the chair in front of you while tuning out all around, dirty beige walls of an office reminding you how much you want to be an artist, painting sides of buildings or giant canvases -- all emotion based.

Yes, it is simply brainstorming, but with a twist, it is pulling emotions into the process, because we all can relate to emotions, no matter what they are wrapped around or in or on top of or beneath or. . .

Inspire my internal conversation with your outward conversation, please! Wait, does that make it a vicious circle? Or a welcome one? Guess it depends if I have time to write or not.


inspirationbit said...

Thanks for your inspiring entry.
This is so true - it happened to me many times before - something in a conversion ignites an inspiration, an idea.

Mimi Lenox said...

Thanks for flying your peace globe on this site. I love seeing them everywhere. June 6th is going to be awesome.


Crafty Green Poet said...

This happens for me too, specially when I'm writing fiction (which isn't often these days). I've had characters develop dialogue before my eyes without me knowing beforehand what was going to happen...

Marcia said...

Inspirationbit - It was my pleasure to enter. Conversations are great inspiration.

Mimi Lenox - It is also my pleasure to fly the peace globe on June 6th. It will be awesome to see them all over the internet.

Crafty Green Poet - I never consciously know my character's dialogue until it leaps off my fingers onto the page. It is a shame we can't make more time for fiction, it is a wonderful diversion.

Thank you all for commenting!

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Thanks for sharing your inspirations!
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