Love: All of This and More (On our 33rd)

In a hurry, then skip to the bold words at the end, the true heart of the poem, if not, then by all means, read all. . . it took me all these other thoughts to get there.

Happy 33rd Anniversary, Leon

Love: All of This and More

On a bad day
I crawl into the security
of his pocket

On a great day
I babble into endless ears
that listen

On a sad day
I cry into the shoulder
of empathy

On a laughter day
I alternate playing
clown and primma dona
against his straight man

On a fearful day
I tremble into his
strong arms of protection

On a giving day
I give away what once
was in his pockets

On a selfish day
I demand all and more
as he fulfills those he can

On a self-doubt day
I see my true self
reflected in his eyes

and I rise to be the
reflection I see.

Happy 33rd Anniversary, Leon!

My words are not meant to be copied, whether awesome or mediocre, or plain junk. Thank you for not copying them.


This Eclectic Life said...

Oh, Damn! You made me cry again. I hope your anniversary is delicious. You are such a fine poet, Lady, and Leon must be a treasure.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

This Eclectic Life - You're just a softy! It will be delicious, but not the way you mean, he picked up enough Chinese curry from our favorite restaurant for leftovers tonight - so we can work on Script Frenzy tonight! Today is the first day. I am waiting on him (impatiently) to get home from work before I type the first day. Symbolic, I suppose. PS.Thanks for the tears. . grin.

PrincessAhAh said...

Ok, now I'll forgive you for liking Pepsi! 33 years? Hooray! Good for you!!!!! (But my parent's marriage busted up after 45, so I'm now always a bit skepical...)
I'll stop by again. What made you move from St. Pete?

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

PrincessAhah - And I forgive you for liking Coke! It was the heat and humidity that finally chased us away.
Thank you for the Hooray! and for taking the time to comment.

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