Poetry Thursday - Prayers Unheard?

Poetry Thursday, vacationing, left us to our own devices. One of my favorite prompts in the short time I have participated was to use a random line from another poet's work, with permission, of course. Well, this time, I chose the line, and, well, begged Chris to use it here. So, once you've read this and stopped by his site, stop by Poetry Thursday and grab a link to the other awesome poets and discover what was in their minds this week.

Thanks to Chris @ Tears Shed On Paper, Clockwork Chris Returns for allowing me to use a line from his poem, Pillow, in mine, written because I fell in love with this line of his:

"An angel's suffocating tear. . . "

Prayers Unheard?

An angel's suffocating tear
shed because you did not hear
the words whispered in the breeze
as you got up from bended knees:

Who will brush back your hair
or absorb the quiet words you bare
when you helmet one and choke the other
to turn your back to yet another?

An angel's suffocating tear
shed because you did not hear
the words whispered in the breeze
as you got up from bended knees


Chris often comes up with interesting lines and writes of life, as it is, hard and soft. Don't take the long way to his words, click on his line to get to his poem. While you are there, he has taken the time to publish many of his words in book form. Check them out.

My words are not for copying. And since Chris' words are in this one as well, permission would need to come from both of us to reuse! Links, however are fine.


Clockworkchris said...

I am truly flattered and I think you used it much better than I. I love the line "as you got up from bended knees:." It reminds me of Boyz2Men's song 'On Bended Knee' back when they were cool that was my slow dancing song. Come to think of it, it was my only dancing song. Well, have a great day. I will post some in a sec.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Clockworkchris - Ah, but sincere flattery. That song popped in my head after I wrote the line, but I wasn't changing it! One dancing song is a good start. Thanks for commenting and sharing your line with me.

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