6.1 More than a glimpse, continued

Although the previous post, Moon Hug, was technically part of the more than a glimpse day, I posted it separately, since it was written for someone special. I continue the nonsense here:

Brightness Reigns, Reins, Rains

I am

I am
for life
not starving
for the mere crumbs of

in brightness
that closes
to darkness
then tunnels
at one end
at the other

to walk hand in hand
gentle breezes
and raging winds,
skipping across burning
deserts to reach
the ocean as waves
build and crash
onto unsuspecting
waylaid shoes
left behind by
falling asleep


(literally, this moment. . for only a moment, I think, for the laptop still sits firmly in my lap, I fell alseep. I did edit out one "and" and add my signature after waking up. Now, sleep calls.)

If you missed the first two parts of this day of madness,
click here: 6. for the madness
or here: Moon Hug for the poem for a friend

And blah blah blah, words are mine, get your own, but I'll add, please so it sounds as nice as it is truly meant. (You are smiling right?)

Now, in seriousness, since there won't be more glimpses for a while as sleep truly does call, if you have not read my poem based on a newspaper story on an abandoned baby, click here.

Have a great day. P.S. Brian if you read, we moved from FL to get away from the climate from Hades and to what turned out to be the climate dreams are made of -- WA.


Brian said...

We love the climate down here. Not warm enough for me. :)

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Is Love Inevitable? We"ll know when its finished:

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